Mark Ryden Backpack

Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack

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Color: Black

Introducing the Mark Ryden Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack - a harmonious blend of style, versatility, and functionality. Designed with the modern traveler in mind, this backpack offers an extra-large capacity, multifunctionality, and a dedicated laptop compartment, ensuring you're well-equipped for any journey.


Extra Large Capacity: Designed for the traveler with a penchant for adventure, the Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack boasts an extra-large capacity. With ample space to accommodate your essentials, this backpack ensures you can pack efficiently for extended trips.

Multifunctional Design: Adapt to any situation with the multifunctional design of the Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack. Whether you're exploring the city or embarking on a weekend getaway, this backpack seamlessly transitions to meet your varying needs.

Dedicated Laptop Bag: Safeguard your tech essentials with the dedicated laptop compartment. The Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack ensures that your laptop is securely stored, providing convenience and protection for your valuable devices during your travels.

Fashion & Casual Style: Mark Ryden's commitment to style shines through in the Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack. The fashion-forward and casual design make this backpack a statement piece, allowing you to travel in style without compromising functionality.

Oxford Material: Crafted from high-quality Oxford material, the Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack combines durability with a sophisticated aesthetic. This material not only ensures the longevity of the backpack but also provides resistance against wear and tear. 

Usage: Tailored for the avid traveler, the Sierra Multifunctional Travel Backpack is the ideal companion for all your journeys. Whether you're exploring new cities or navigating airports, this travel backpack offers the versatility and durability you need.


  • Brand: Mark Ryden
  • Style: Fashion & Casual
  • Model: G1_MR9993_00
  • Features: Extra Large Capacity, Multifunction, Laptop Bag
  • Material: Oxford
  • Usage: Travel Backpack
  • Size: 45X30X20cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Color: Black, Gray

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