Mark Ryden Backpack

Ataraxy Anti-Theft Sling Bag

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Boasting three different compartments, Ataraxy provides you with multiple storage options for both large and small items. It’s main compartment features a tablet sleeve that comfortably houses and protects your 9.7” (24.63 cm) tablet. It’s exterior features both a headphone jack port along with an integrated USB charging port to juice up your mobile device.


  • Easy-access pockets with main compartment having storage capacity for notebooks and other small items
  • Dedicated, highly-protective 9.7” (24.63 cm) tablet sleeve provides outstanding coverage against everyday bumps and bruises
  • Breathable back system featuring Airscept™ provides a balanced cool so you’ll never feel overheated
  • Headphone jack port so you can leave your phone within the confines of your bag, while still being able to listen to your tunes
  • USB charging port so you’ll never be left without power, which means you can always power up your dying devices
  • Adjustable shoulder strap so you can change the length to suit your personal preference
  • Water resistant knitted surface coating, forces liquids to roll right off
  • Shoulder strap card pocket so you can easily get your card for subway or bus rides
  • Comfortable padded top handle allows for easy carrying of your crossbody bag
  • Hidden back pocket so you can store valuable items and travel worry free

Product Specifications

Brand: Mark Ryden
Model: MR-7618
Color: Black
Sizes: One Size
Avg Weight: 1 lbs 2 oz (0.55 kg)
Dimensions: 11.8" x 8.66" x 3.9" (30 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm)
Laptop Fit: N/A
Tablet Fit: 9.7” (24.63cm)
Fabric: Oxford
Source: Imported
Waterproof: Yes
USB Charging: Yes
Guarantee: 6 Month Warranty

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