San Fransisco Anti Theft Prevention

What's the problem?

Are you from San Francisco? If you answered yes, then lucky you! You live in one of the United State's most desirable places to live as ranked by realesaste.usnews! With it's famous sights, rich history, and stunning skyline, it's no wonder why it's nicknamed "The Golden City!" However, this city hides a consistent problem.

The two graphs above are information compiled from statisa about San Francisco. From figure.1 and figure.2, we can see a consistent growth of backpack item theft as well as laptop theft. These numbers are seriously high, but these are only REPORTED theft! Imagine how high the real numbers would be!

How do thieves steal from me?

Theft in the form of pickpocking and backpack item theft is the one the most common crimes in the world. The appeal is that it does not put the thief in a confrontation situtation, where he/she is likely to be caught. If the thief is skilled enough, you will not notice a thing until the thief is long gone.

The major magic show is human emotion with the typical aspect of a distraction. As human beings, we can usually only focus on one thing, so if a distraction is used, chances are, the last thing on your mind will be protecting your belongings.

Distractions can be as simple as watching a performance on the street, sightseeing, or even get as complicated as staging. In staging, thieves operate together, taking advantage of human compassion such as a person falling or a staged fight.

How do I prevent theft from happening to me?

Since pickpockets and thieves are camouflaged and operate when you least expect it, the best protection is to be aware of your belongings and surroundings at all times. However, like we discussed earlirer, no human can be aware 100% of the time due to everyday distractions. If you live in or are traveling to a highly populated area the risk of theft will only be greater.

What's our solution?

Mark Ryden Backpack

USB Charging Anti Theft Backpacks Made For You

gray black backpack

What is Mark Ryden Backpack?

What is Anti Theft Backpack?

man cannot steal from backpack

Anti theft additional features

water and scratch proof

Scratch and Water Resistant

Whether is everyday bumps and bruises or unfriendly weather, these bags have you covered!

USB charging

USB Charging Capability

All of our backpacks feature USB charging capabilities so you'll never be left feeling drained again!  

hidden compartments that are easy to access

Hidden Pockets

Secret compartments and easy access pockets provide extra personlaized storage space!

Thousands of items are stolen everyday. Are YOU ready to protect what belongs to you?